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Circle of Janus Science Fiction Club of Indiana
 The Circular of Janus
 Jamuary 1, 2012
 Volume 33, Issue 1

   President's Reflections – Lynette R. F. Cowper
   Summary of the November Meeting - Lynette R. F. Cowper
   Reminder About Dues
   Current Slate of Officer Nominations
   Mark Your Calendars
   Summary of the December Board Meeting - Lynette R. F. Cowper
   New Books - from Locus
   Meeting Info & Club Officers


President's Reflections
 by Lynette R. F. Cowper

Here we are, gearing up for another year. InConJunction planning is in
full swing, the convention calendar is filling up, and some of the
upcoming movies look very promising!

There's a big national election coming up, with a lot of social issues,
funding for science and the arts, and the direction of our national
economy on the line. I'd like to encourage our members to get informed on
the issues that affect them-- not just nationally, but on the state and
local levels as well-- and then get out and vote!

And speaking of voting, our club elections are during the January meeting.
 Be sure to get your dues paid before the meeting so you can vote! Emily
won't be taking dues after the meeting has started, so don't show up late
expecting her to accommodate you! Keep in mind that this isn't a
popularity contest. The Board has oversight over the convention and the
activities of the club. So you should vote based on how you feel the
person would fulfill the duties of their office, the duties as a member of
the Board, the necessities of being a member of a team, and as a
representative of the club.

Finally, for many of our members, 2011 wasn't a very happy year, with job
losses, health issues, and the illnesses and death of loved ones. We
obviously don't know what 2012 will bring, but I would like to take this
time to encourage a spirit of peace, gentleness, and forgiveness in our
members. We don't always know what the other person is dealing with. Let's
cut everyone some slack and make 2012 more tolerable than 2011.


Summary of the November Meeting
 by Lynette Cowper

The club met on November 5th at LifeJourney Church. All officers were
present except for Treasurer Emily Rodgers and Sergeant-at-Arms Ricky
Lile, though InConJunction 32 ConChair Kathie Thompson wasn't feeling well
and made her report and left. We didn't have any guests this meeting.

Kathie talked about her budget and how to cut our costs. One thought was
to cut down on the number of free attendees we have. She was considering
giving each department a certain number of free slots, based on how many
they needed, and then doing a straight reimbursement approach regardless
of when and at what rate the person registered for everyone else. She was
batting around a $20 figure at the time. Whatever she chooses will be
well-publicized ahead of time. Our GoHs include Kevin Hearne, Paul Taylor,
Wild Mercy, Mike Moore, and Fiberdyne. Five Year Mission is returning
again this year and we have Charlie Kaufman, a disaster-preparedness
expert, as a special guest as well.

We went through the last meeting minutes and Treasurer's report. The Board
reminded everyone that there was a Board meeting on the 12th. We talked
about the anniversary party (see below). Kat invited whoever wanted to
come to her house on Christmas day for an openhouse, pitch-in, and gaming
day starting at 3:00.

We moved to officer nominations. The list of those still running is posted
in its own article below. Nominations can be done via email for any office
except ConChair, as we've passed the deadline for that position. If you
have any questions or need to make arrangements to vote absentee, you can
contact Election Officer Emily Rodgers at election at circleofjanus dot

There was no new business, so we moved to announcements. Of the ones still
relevant, Chris Canary is helping to write a book and also writing a
memoir; Kat is expecting another grandchild; Judy reminded everyone that
Starbase Indy is December 9-11 instead of Thanksgiving weekend; Gary
reminded us that Anime Crossroads is the following weekend, December
16-18; Kat has a new place and a new job; and Anjala also has a full-time,
non-temporary employment. And that was it for November.


A Reminder About Dues

It's getting close to that time of year again, where dues are due. Dues
are $15 per person. In order to vote (or run!) in the upcoming CoJ
election, payments must be received before the start of the meeting
January 7th. Payments may be made by cash, check, or Paypal. You may turn
in the cash or check in person or mail. That address is P.O. Box 68514
Indianapolis IN 46268. For Paypal, go to

If you have questions or concerns please let Treasurer Emily Rodgers know.


Current Nominations

Below is the list of those who have not declined their nominations and
are, therefore, still on the ballot.

   Lynette Cowper
   Kyra Shidler

Vice President
   John Belden
   Kyra Shidler

   Laura Edwards
   Kai (Megan) Cowper

   Kent Raquet

   Ricky Lile
   Kai (Megan) Cowper

InConJunction 34 (2014) ConChair
   Lynette Cowper
   Kat Robertson
   Drew Happli


Mark Your Calendars

January 2012

   3-4: Quadrantids Meteor Shower

   5-8: Ichibancon - Charlotte, NC

   6: Whoosier Network Meeting - LifeJourney Church
   6: The Devil Inside
   6-7: KotoriCon - Sewell, NJ
   6-7: ShadowCon - Memphis, TN
   6-9: GAFilk - Atlanta, GA

   7: CoJ Meeting - LifeJourney Church

   13: Beauty and the Beast 3D
   13-14: Evercon - Weston, WI
   13-15: DeCONPression - Columbus, OH
   13-15: MarsCon - Williamsburg, VA
   13-16: Arisia - Boston, MA
   13-16: SCARAB 2012 - Columbia, SC

   14: IAS General Meeting - Holcomb Observatory, Indy
   14-15: Anime-Zap! - Peoria, IL

   20: Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos
   20: Underworld Awakening
   20-22: Chattacon - Chattanooga, TN
   20-22: Emiko - Kitchener, Ontario
   20-22: Epic Confusion - Troy, MI

   21: Nezumi Con - Milwaukee, WI
   21-22: Murfreesboro Anime and Comic Con - Murfreesboro, TN

   25: Rob Pyatt's birthday

   27-29: G-Anime - Gatineau, Quebec
   27-29: Ohayocon - Columbus, OH

   28: South Bend ComicCon - South Bend, IN
   28-29: Setsucon - State College, PA

February 2012

   3?: Whoosier Network Meeting - LifeJourney Church
   3: Chronicle
   3: The Woman in Black
   3-5: Kami-Con - Tuscaloosa, AL

   4-6: SuperCon - Minneapolis, MN

   6: Ren Cowper's birthday

   8: Lynette Cowper's birthday

   9-12: Capricon - Arlington Heights, IL

   10: Journey 2: The Mysterious Island
   10: Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace 3D
   10-12: AlmaCon - Alma, MI
   10-12: Naka-Kon - Overland Park, KS

   11: CoJ Meeting - LifeJourney Church

   17: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
   17: The Secret World of Arrietty
   17-19: Anime Milwaukee - Milwaukee, WI
   17-19: Boskone - Boston, MA
   17-19: Con of the North - Saint Paul, MN
   17-19: ConNooga - Chattanooga, TN
   17-19: Farpoint - Baltimore, MD
   17-19: Katsucon - Washington, DC
   17-19: SheVaCon - Roanoke, VA
   17-19: Visioncon - Springfield, MO

   18: ArctiCon - Valparaiso, IN
   18-20: Game Summit 2012 - Ottawa, ON
   18-20: NonCon - Vassar College, NY

   24-26: Concave - Bowling Green, KY
   24-26: Fire & Ice - Manitowoc, WI
   24-26: MangaNEXT - East Rutherford, NJ
   24-26: Marmalade Dog - Kalamazoo, MI
   24-26: MystiCon - Roanoke, VA
   24-26: Spellstorm - Toronto, Ontario

   25: Fort Wayne Comic Book Con - Fort Wayne, IN
   25: Nashville Anime Day - Nashville, TN
   25-26: Con-G - Guelph, ON

   26: Samantha Thompson's birthday
   26: Ash Comics - Ramada Inn

   29: Howard Tayler's birthday

March 2012:

   2: Whoosier Network meeting - LifeJourney Church
   2: Dr. Seuss' The Lorax
   2: Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters
   2-4: GeneriCon - Troy, NY
   2-4: Intercon - Chelmsford, MA
   2-4: Plattecon - Platteville, WI
   2-4: Stellarcon - High Point, NC
   2-4: Who's Yer Con - Indianapolis, Indiana

   3: CoJ Meeting

   8-11: Animation & Gaming Ohio - Mason, OH

   9: John Carter
   9: The Raven
   9: Silent House
   9-12: MarsCon - Bloomington, MN

   12: Randy Porter's birthday

   13: Cathy Dailey's birthday
   13: Janet Dailey's birthday

   15: Arabella Rollison's birthday
   15-18: Furry Weekend Atlanta - Atlanta, GA

   16-17: Technicon - Blacksburg, VA
   16-18: Anime Punch - Columbus. OH
   16-18: FantaSciCon - Chattanooga. TN
   16-18: Kawa Kon - St. Louis, MO
   16-18: Lunacon - Westchester, NY
   16-18: Millennicon - Cincinnati, OH
   16-18: MomoCon - Atlanta, GA
   16-18: Omnicon - Cookeville, TN
   16-18: Shuto Con - Lansing, MI
   16-18: VeriCon - Cambridge, MA

   17: Amanda Dailey-Weaver's birthday
   17: Dee Ann Moore's birthday

   21: Mike & Lynette Cowper's anniversary
   21-25: Tekkoshocon - Pittsburgh, PA

   22-25: Gary Con - Lake Geneva, WI

   23: The Hunger Games
   23-25: MidSouthcon - Memphis, TN

   24: Animarathon - Bowling Green, OH
   24-25: Kappa Kon - South Milwaukee, WI

   25: Neil Thompson's birthday

   26: Chris Canary's birthday

   29-4/1: World Horror Convention - Salt Lake City, UT

   30: Wrath of the Titans
   30-4/1: Anime Detour - Minneapolis, MN
   30-4/1: EvilleCon - Evansville, IN
   30-4/1: I-Con - Stony Brook, NY
   30-4/1: Kitsune Kon - Appleton, WI
   30-4/1: Sukoshicon: Birmingham - Birmingham, AL

   31-4/1: NashiCon - Columbia, SC


Summary of the December Board Meeting
 by Lynette Cowper

The Board met on December 3rd at Midwest Internet. All officers except
Sergeant-at-Arms Ricky Lile and InConJunction 32 ConChair Kathie Thompson
were present. CoJ members Cheryl Miller Andrews and Mike Cowper were also
present. We opened at 5:36 pm.

We approved the November Board minutes as published. Emily had emailed the
Treasurer's Report, so we dispensed with that.

We then went over the hotel contract, covering things that Kathie had
noted, via Lynette, and going over some other questions and concerns as
well.  After that, we turned to various things with the 2012 convention,
including how we were going to handle reimbursements. We decided that a
structure of reimbursing $20 for 8 hours of work and $30 for 12 hours of
work might work best.

We made a list of action items and adjourned at 6:27 pm.


January Meeting Agenda

The Circle of Janus
 January Meeting
 January 7, 2012

Meeting will be at LifeJourney Church.

Opening of Meeting (7:00pm)
   Introduction of guests and member attendance
   November meeting minutes

   Treasurer's Report

Old Business (In order to facilitate a speedier meeting, we will be
handling Elections interspersed with other business.)
      Emily is the Election Officer who will be handling this portion. We
will doing the rest of the agenda while the voting is taking place.
      Order of election:
         InConJunction 34 ConChair

   Convention Report, InConJunction 32
   Convention Report, InConJunction 33
   Board Report
   Member Services Report
   Member Activities
      Scheduled Speakers or activities so far
   Other Communications

Old Business
   Forums - Any progress?
   Outreach Committee - Any progress?

New Business

Announcements - one per person please

Close of meeting - Chaos


New Books
 From locusmag.com

January 2012
   Beaulieu, Bradley P. • The Straights of Galahesh • (Night Shade Books,
   Berg, Carol • The Daemon Prism • (Penguin/Roc, tpb)
   Block, Francesca Lia • Pink Smog • (HarperTeen, nvl-ya, hc)
   Bova, Ben • Power Play • (Tor, hc)
   Card, Orson Scott • Shadows in Flight • (Tor, hc)
   Cook, Glen • A Path to the Coldness of Heart • (Night Shade Books, hc)
   Duncan, Dave • Against the Light • (Amazon/47North, tpb)
   Flynn, Michael • In the Lion's Mouth • (Tor, hc)
   Gibson, William • Distrust That Particular Flavor • (Penguin/Putnam,
nf, hc)
   Goss, Theodora • The Thorn and the Blossom • (Quirk Books, nva, tpb)
   Herbert, Brian, & Kevin J. Anderson • Sisterhood of Dune • (Tor, hc)
   Koontz, Dean • 77 Shadow Street • (Bantam, hc)
   Rucker, Rudy • Surfing the Gnarl • (PM Press, cln, tpb)
   Rusch, Kristine Kathryn • Boneyards • (Prometheus/Pyr, tpb)
   Shirley, John • Everything Is Broken • (Prime Books, tpb)
   Snyder, Lucy A. • Switchblade Goddess • (Ballantine Del Rey)
   Snyder, Maria V. • Touch of Power • (Harlequin/MIRA, tpb)
   Wells, Martha • The Serpent Sea • (Night Shade Books, tpb)
   Willis, Connie • All About Emily • (Subterranean Press, hc)

February 2012
   Ahmed, Saladin • Throne of the Crescent Moon • (DAW, hc)
   Anderson, Poul • The Collected Short Works of Poul Anderson, Volume 5:
The Door to Anywhere • (NESFA Press, cln, hc)
   Bennett, Robert Jackson • The Troupe • (Orbit US, tpb)
   Buckell, Tobias S. • Arctic Rising • (Tor, hc)
   Daniel, Tony • Guardian of Night • (Baen, tpb)
   + Deas, Stephen • The Order of the Scales • (Roc, hc)
   Hobb, Robin • City of Dragons • (Harper Voyager US, hc)
   Jones, Diana Wynne • Earwig and the Witch • (HarperCollins/Greenwillow,
nvl-ya, hc)
   Kittredge, Caitlin • The Nightmare Garden • (Random House/Delacorte,
nvl-ya, hc)
   Marr, Melissa • Faery Tales & Nightmares • (HarperCollins, cln, hc)
   Maxey, James • Greatshadow • (Rebellion/Solaris US)
   McIntosh, Will • Hitchers • (Night Shade Books, hc)
   Moon, Elizabeth • Echoes of Betrayal • (Ballantine Del Rey, hc)
   Rice, Anne • The Wolf Gift • (Random House/Knopf, hc)
   Scalzi, John • Boskone Book • (NESFA Press, cln, hc)
   Schroeder, Karl • Ashes of Candesce • (Tor, hc)
   Tidhar, Lavie • The Great Game • (Angry Robot US)
   Vance, Jack • Dream Castles: The Early Jack Vance, Volume Two •
(Subterranean Pres, cln, hc)
   Wallace, Sean, ed. • Robots: Recent AI • (Prime Books, anth, tpb)
   Williams, Walter Jon • The Fourth Wall • (Orbit US, tpb)


Have something for the newsletter? We welcome announcements, news items,
reviews, and artwork. Email it to circularfile at circleofjanus dot org by
the Thursday before the last Saturday of the month for inclusion.

Meeting Info
   The next meeting of the Circle of Janus will be Saturday, January 7,
2012, at the LifeJourney Church (formerly Jesus Metropolitan Community
Church - same location, new name), 2950 55th Place, Indianapolis, IN,
starting at 7:00 pm. There is a ConCom meeting preceding it from 5:15
to 6:45.

   Board Chairman - Andy Andrews
   President - Lynette Cowper
   Vice-President - Anjala Dick
   Secretary - Laura Edwards
   Treasurer - Emily Rodgers
   Sergeant at Arms - Ricky Lile
   InConJunction 32 ConChair - Kathie Thompson
   InConJunction 33 ConChair - Melissa Kocias

The Circular of Janus is a publication of the Circle of Janus Science
Fiction Club of Central Indiana. Subscription is included with membership,
$15.00/year. For information write to Circle of Janus, P.O. Box 68514,
Indianapolis, IN 46268-0514.
 Lynette R. F. Cowper, Editor

Lynette R. F. Cowper

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