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Circle of Janus Science Fiction Club of Indiana
 The Circular of Janus
 August 2015
 Volume 36, Issue 6

   Summary of the June Club Meeting – Lynette Cowper
   Summary of the June Board Meeting – Lynette Cowper
   Summary of the July Board Meeting – Lynette Cowper
   Mark Your Calendars
   New Books – from Locus
   Meeting Info & Club Officers


Summary of the June Club Meeting
 by Lynette Cowper

The club met on June 6 at Valley Mills Christian Church. All officers were
present except Sergeant-at-Arms Lynette Cowper and InConJunction 37
ConChair Joe Greene. There were about 36 people all told. There were no

The May meeting minutes were amended to state that Laura was not present,
but Jeff Thompson was, and accepted as amended. We got a Treasurer's
Report, then convention reports. Jeff reported on a potential replacement
Artist GoH (again), the Marriott's new no-pets policy, our new literacy
charity-- Indy Reads. For 2016, Laura reported Heather Kreiter is still
cool about coming and Keith de Candido is a possible featured GoH. Joe
wasn't present to report for 2017. Andy reported about the Board
discussions on InConJunction, Indy Pride, and the storage unit. Member
Services is working on stuff. Outreach needs volunteers for Indy Pride.
There was nothing new from the Audit Committee, Archivist, or

In Old Business, we reminded people about membership cards and election
procedures, then talked about club fundraising. After meeting, we had a
silent auction. Other ideas included a book sale, a bake/craft sale, a
yard sale, different levels of membership, and a Kickstarter or similar.
John forgot to check in with the Challenger Center, and asked to be
reminded closer to the meeting. We're still Open for Service!

In New Business, we discussed Club Activities. June Non Meetings: June
20th Naptown Roller Girls, Pop Con at the end of June, and June 27th- Book
Sale. The August after-meeting would be coloring books?

In Announcements that are still relevant, Joan of Dark made a book of
nerdy knits and stuff, Kevin Harris and Jeremy Hanna have been working a
pirate game, Chris Canary has two stories out for publication, John and
Wendy made a page for local theater and gaming called
Playswithwendyandjohn.com, Kat R's nephew Eric became an Eagle Scout,
Ready Player One's author has another novel coming out next month, and
Chris Garrison has a book called Trans Continental: Girl in the Gears,
which is the first transgender steampunk novel.

And that was it for June!


Summary of the June Board Meeting
 by Lynette Cowper

The Board met on June 20 at the Marriott. All officers except President
Melissa Kocias were present. Kathie Thompson also attended.

We approved the May meeting minutes as published. We focused almost solely
on InConJunction 35 and moved right into discussing it. We're working on
setting up a Paypal account for just the Facebook page, which is just shy
of 1,000 likes. Capricon, Indy Reads, IYG, Indy Knights, and DB
Entertainment all have tables. Papa Roux is catering the Thursday dinner.
The meeting with the hotel went really well. We'd met our room night
goals. After this year, no pets will be allowed, but Cats Haven will be
able to have their cats. Staff rooms had early check-in, and WiFi is
extended again. All other Old Business and con reports were skipped.

In New Business, we need to pre-order the new Square devices. We went over
what needed addressed at the July Board meeting.

And that was it for the June Board meeting!


Summary of the July Board Meeting
 by Lynette Cowper

The Board met on July 25 at Valley Mills Christian Church. All officers
were present except Secretary Beckie Margedant and Vice President Kim
Richey. Jeremy Murray, Kathie Thompson, and Mike Cowper also attended.

The June Board minutes were read and approved as read. We got a
Treasurer's Report, then convention reports.  For 2016, Laura reported she
has heard about problems with our emails and has sent first contract
drafts. Arlan will be coming back as a Featured Guest. She was working on
something to pass out at Gen Con and is considering swag. A Programming
plug went up on Facebook on Thursday.  For the con just past, Jeff
reported the numbers were down somewhat, though not as much as he feared.
A lot of discussion ensued. We still have T-shirts we'd like to sell. For
2017, Joe is hoping to get Marc Gunn as Music GoH and to get Mercedes
Lackey to reconsider her boycott. He is looking for a Media GoH and
talking to teens to try to see what they’d like. He has a Science GoH
lined up.

In Old Business, Lynette has filled out the form for Pagan Pride, hasn’t
heard anything back. The After-the-Con Bash will be held at VMCC on 9/12,
start around 6pm (food prep start at 5). Stephen has accomplished some of
the Treasurer things he brought up last month and is working on others.

In New Business, we discussed hotel relations, Dropbox, Email, and the
impact of the Charity Auction on Vendor Sales.

And that was it for the July Board meeting!


Mark Your Calendars

August 2015

   1: Susan Rati Lane's birthday

   3: Kent Raquet's birthday

   7: Fantastic Four
   7: Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F'
   7-9: AkaiCon - Nashville, TN
   7-9: BronyCon - Baltimore, MD
   7-9: Emiko's Mini Convention - Kitchener, Ontario
   7-9: Fandomfest - Louisville, KY
   7-9: Go!Daiko-Con - Pontiac, MI
   7-9: Kansas City Comic Con - Kansas City, MO
   7-9: Shore Leave - Baltimore, MD
   7-9: Steel City Con - Monroeville, PA

   8: CoJ meeting - VMCC
   8-9: AniBash - Rochester, NY
   8-9: Cosplay America - Chapel Hill, NC

   12-13: Perseids Meteor Shower - Look, up in the sky!

   13-16: Chicago Nerd Comedy Festival – Chicago, IL
   13-16: International Mars Society Convention - Washington, DC
   13-16: PulpFest - Columbus, OH

   14-16: Intervention - Rockville, MD
   14-16: LI-Con - Ronkonkoma, NY
   14-16: MatsuriCon – Columbus, OH

   15: South Bend Comic Book Con - South Bend, IN
   15-16: AndoCon – Atlanta, Georgia
   15-16: S.S. Kaizoku Con - Muskegon, MI
   15-16: SpartaCon - Waldorf, MD
   15-16: Taylor Town Comic Con - Taylor, MI

   19-23: WorldCon - Spokane, WA

   20-23: Wizard World Comic Con Chicago - Rosemont, IL

   21: Sinister 2
   21-23: Geek.Kon - Madison, WI
   21-23: KantaiCon - Mount Pleasant, SC
   21-23: Kita-Kon - Thunder Bay, Ontario
   21-23: Starfleet International Conference - Niagra Falls, NY

   22: Keith Chike's birthday
   22-23: StarQuest - Frederick, MD
   22-23: Walker Stalker Con Boston - Boston, MA

   25: Scott Picha's birthday

   28: Z for Zachariah
   28: Read Comics in Public Day - Everywhere!
   28-30: Anime World Expos - Lombard, IL
   28-30: Gateway Geek Fest - Maryland Hts, MO
   28-30: Kentokyocon - Lexington, KY
   28-30: Liberty City Anime Con - White Plains, NY
   28-30: OmegaCon - Charlottesville, VA
   28-30: SaikouCon - Bethlehem, PA

   29-30: Glass City Con - Toledo, OH
   29-30: Lake Count-I-Con - Grayslake, IL
   29-30: ToyConNJ - Parsippany, NJ
   29-30: Waku Waku +NYC - Brooklyn, NY

   30: Ash Comic Book Show - Caribbean Cove Hotel & Conf Cntr
   30: Indiana Toy & Comic Expo - Bloomington/Monroe County Convention Center

   31: Deidre Rynard's birthday

September 2015

   2: Chris Umbreit's birthday

   3-6: Fan Expo Canada – Toronto, Ontario

   4: Kitchen Sink
   4: Whoosier Network meeting - Life Journey Church
   4-6: Mephit Fur Meet – Olive Branch, MS
   4-6: Meta Con - Minneapolis, MN
   4-7: Dragon Con - Atlanta, GA
   4-7: TCEP 22 – Sterling, VA
   4-7: Trekonderoga - Ticonderoga, NY

   9: Mike Cowper's birthday

   11-13: Coulee Con – La Crosse, Wisconsin
   11-13: DoDeca-Con 3 – Columbia, MO
   11-13: Wizard World Comic Con Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh, PA

   12: After-the-Con Bash - VMCC
   12: Fort Wayne Comic Book Con - Fort Wayne, IN
   12-13: Cincy ComiCon - Covington, KY
   12-13: Field Marshal Games Convention – Oshawa, ON
   12-13: Retro Con - Oaks, PA

   13: IAC Meeting - Glendale Library

   16: Mark Shidler's birthday

   17: Lane Wickliff's birthday

   18: Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials
   18-20: BlurrieCon - Erie, PA
   18-20: Cincinnati Comic Expo – Cincinnati, OH
   18-20: Ramencon - Merrillville, IN
   18-20: Sfocka-Con - Charleston, WV
   18-20: TopCon – Topeka, KS

   19: CoJ Board meeting - VMCC
   19: John Belden's birthday
   19: Talk Like a Pirate Day
   19-20: Daycon Clarksville - Clarksville, TN

   24-27: Anime Weekend Atlanta - Atlanta, GA

   25: Hotel Transylvania 2
   25-27: Baltimore Comic-Con - Baltimore, MD
   25-27: Midoricon - Oregon, OH
   25-27: Topatocon - Northampton, MA
   25-27: Tri-Con - Evansville, IN

   26: Laura Hohman's birthday
   26-27: Phantasm – Peterborough, ON

   28: Jeff & Kathie Thompson's anniversary
   28 - Total Lunar Eclipse

   30: Alec Rollison's birthday

October 2015

   2: Victor Frankenstein
   2: Whoosier Network meeting - LifeJourney Church
   2-4: Archon - Collinsville, IL
   2-4: Eeriecon - Grand Island, NY
   2-4: Time Eddy - Wichita, KS

   3: CoJ meeting - VMCC
   3: Sci-Fi Central - Fort Wayne, IN

   8-9: Draconids Meteor Shower - Look, up in the sky!
   8-11: Bouchercon - Raleigh, NC

   9-11: Capclave - Gaithersburg, MD
   9-11: ConClave - Detroit, MI
   9-11: Tsubasacon - Huntington, WV

   11: IAC Meeting - Glendale Library

   12: Pam Easterday's birthday

   14: Tony Patterson's birthday

   15-18: Con on the Cob - Richfield, OH

   16: Crimson Peak
   16-18: Anime Fusion - Bloomington, MN
   16-18: Another Anime Convention - Manchester, NH
   16-18: Browncoat Ball - Virginia Beach, VA
   16-18: Con†Stellation - Huntsville, AL
   16-18: Mediopolis Expo - Indianapolis, IN

   18: Anjala Dick's birthday
   18-23: Viable Paradise - Martha's Vineyard, MA

   19: Paul Vincenti's birthday

   20: Dave Spicer's birthday

   21-22: Orionids Meteor Shower - Look, up in the sky!
   21-25: IlluXCon - Allentown, PA

   22-25: Boston Asian American Film Festival - Boston, MA

   23: Jem and the Holograms
   23: The Last Witch Hunter
   23: Emily Rodgers's birthday
   23-24: Kabochacon - Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, OH
   23-25: Rocket City NerdCon – Huntsville, Alabama

   24: Kokomo-Con - Ivy Tech Kokomo Event & Conf Ctr
   24-25: ChaseCon Expo - Saratoga Springs, NY
   24-25: PokéCon - Minneapolis, MN

   25: Ash Comic Book Show - Caribbean Cove Hotel & Conf Cntr

   26: Southwell Cowper's birthday
   26: Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter - Look, up in the sky!

   27: Charissa Bihl Spencer's birthday

   28: Conjunction of Venus, Mars, & Jupiter - Look, up in the sky!

   29-11/1: Youmacon 2015 – Detroit, MI

   30: Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse
   30: Joe Greene's birthday
   30-11/1: Anime USA - Washington, DC
   30-11/1: Banzaicon - Columbia, SC
   30-11/1: CAN-CON - Ottowa, ON
   30-11/1: GMX (Geek Media Expo) - Nashville, TN
   30-11/1: HonorCon - Raleigh, NC
   30-11/1: Izumicon - Oklahoma City, OK


InConJunction Tee Shirts

If you didn’t get a chance to pick up an InConJunction 35 T-Shirt at the
convention, we still have a few left and we’d like to make sure everyone
that wants one has the chance to buy one before we mail any of the extras

We have a two or three each of the small, 3XL, 4XL, and 5XL shirts, 5 - 6
of the 2XL shirts, and 7 - 8 or the large shirts. Prices are $22 for S, L,
or XL, $25 for 2XL or 3XL, and $28 for the 4XL and 5XL.

Just let Stephen or Jeff know if you’d like us to hold any of the shirts
for you and we’ll make sure that you can pick them up at the next CoJ
meeting or at the After-the-Con Bash.


New Books
>From locusmag.com

August 2015
   Adams, John Joseph, ed. • Loosed Upon the World • (Simon &
Schuster/Saga Press, anth, tpb)
   + Aldiss, Brian • Finches of Mars • (Open Road, tpb)
   Armstrong, Kelley • Deceptions • (Penguin/Dutton, hc)
   + Baxter, Stephen • Ultima • (Penguin/Roc, hc)
   Belcher, R. S. • Nightwise • (Tor, hc)
   Bova, Ben • Power Surge • (Tor, hc)
   Carroll, Jonathan • Teaching the Dog to Read • (Subterranean Press,
nva, hc)
   Cooper, Brenda • Cracking the Sky • (Fairwood Press, cln, tpb)
   Datlow, Ellen, ed. • The Best Horror of the Year: Volume Seven •
(Skyhorse/Night Shade Books, anth, tpb)
   Dietz, William C. • Redzone • (Ace)
   Duncan, Dave • Irona 700 • (Open Road, tpb)
   Elliott, Kate • Court of Fives • (Little, Brown, nvl-ya, hc)
   Gorodischer, Angelica • Prodigies • (Small Beer Press, tpb)
   Guran, Paula, ed. • The Year's Best Science Fiction & Fantasy Novellas:
2015 •(Prime Books, anth, tpb)
   Hobb, Robin • Fool's Quest • (Ballantine Del Rey, hc)
   Hopkinson, Nalo • Falling in Love with Hominids • (Tachyon
Publications, cln, tpb)
   Jackson, Shirley • Let Me Tell You: New Stories, Essays, and Other
Writings •(Random House, cln, hc)
   Lain, Douglas • After the Saucers Landed • (Skyhorse/Night Shade Books,
   + Miéville, China • Three Moments of an Explosion • (Ballantine Del
Rey, cln, hc)
   Moore, Christopher • Secondhand Souls • (HarperCollins/Morrow, hc)
   Rickert, Mary • The Corpse Painter's Masterpiece: New and Selected
Stories •(Small Beer Press, cln, tpb)
   Scalzi, John • The End of All Things • (Tor, hc)
   Scholes, Ken • Blue Yonders, Grateful Pies and Other Fanciful Feasts
•(Fairwood Press, cln, tpb)
   Snodgrass, Melinda • The Edge of Dawn • (Tor, hc)
   Swanwick, Michael • Chasing the Phoenix • (Tor, hc)
   Turtledove, Harry • We Install: and Other Stories • (Open Road, cln, tpb)
   Valente, Catherynne M. • Radiance • (Tor, hc)
   Valente, Catherynne M. • Speak Easy • (Subterranean Press, nva, hc)
   Wendig, Chuck • Zer0es • (Harper Voyager, hc)

September 2015
   Aguirre, Ann • Breakout • (Ace)
   Armstrong, Kelley • Led Astray: The Best of Kelley Armstrong • (Tachyon
Publications, cln, tpb)
   Barzak, Christopher • Wonders of the Invisible World • (Random
House/Knopf, nvl-ya, hc)
   + Beaulieu, Bradley P. • Twelve Kings in Sharakhai • (DAW, hc)
   Black, Holly, & Cassandra Clare • The Copper Gauntlet • (Scholastic
Press, nvl-ya, hc)
   Butcher, Jim • The Aeronaut's Windlass • (Penguin/Roc, hc)
   Card, Orson Scott • Gatefather • (Tor, hc)
   Carson, Rae • Walk on Earth a Stranger • (HarperCollins/Greenwillow,
nvl-ya, hc)
   Cornell, Paul • Witches of Lychford • (Tor, hc)
   + de Bodard, Aliette • House of Shattered Wings • (Penguin/Roc, hc)
   Due, Tananarive • Ghost Summer and Other Stories • (Prime Books, cln, tpb)
   + Gaiman, Neil • The Sleeper and the Spindle • (HarperCollins, nvl-ya, hc)
   Hickman, Stephen • The Art of Stephen Hickman • (Titan US, hc)
   Holland, Cecelia • Dragon Heart • (Tor, hc)
   Kress, Nancy • The Best of Nancy Kress • (Subterranean Press, cln, hc)
   Lackey, Mercedes • Hunter • (Disney/Hyperion, hc)
   McDonald, Ian • Luna: New Moon • (Tor, hc)
   McGuire, Seanan • A Red Rose Chain • (DAW)
   Pratchett, Terry • The Shepherd's Crown • (HarperCollins, nvl-ya, hc)
   Priest, Cherie • Chapelwood • (Penguin/Roc, tpb)
   Stroud, Jonathan • Lockwood & Co. : The Hollow Boy • (Disney/Hyperion,
nvl-ya, hc)
   van Eekhout, Greg • Dragon Coast • (Tor, hc)
   Walton, David • Supersymmetry • (Prometheus/Pyr, hc)
   + Warrington, Freda • The Death House • (Titan US, tpb)
   Westerfeld, Scott, & Margo Lanagan & Deborah Biancotti • Zeroes •
(Simon Pulse, nvl-ya, hc)
   Wilde, Fran • Updraft • (Tor, hc)


Have something for the newsletter? We welcome announcements, news items,
reviews, and artwork. Email it to circularfile at circleofjanus dot org by
the Thursday before the last Saturday of the month for inclusion.

Meeting Info
   The next meeting of the Circle of Janus is Saturday, August 8, 2015, at
Valley Mills Christian Church, 5555 Kentucky Avenue, Indianapolis, IN,
starting at 7:00 pm. A post-convention ConCom meeting will precede it
at 6:00 pm. The post-meeting activity will be a coloring session (and
probably some games).

   Board Chairman – Andy Andrews
   President – Melissa Kocias
   Vice-President – Kim Richey
   Secretary – Beckie Margedant
   Treasurer – Stephen Kendall
   Sergeant at Arms – Lynette Cowper
   InConJunction 35 ConChair – Jeff Thompson
   InConJunction 36 ConChair – Laura Edwards
   InConJunction 37 ConChair – Joe Greene

The Circular of Janus is a publication of the Circle of Janus Science
Fiction Club of Central Indiana. Subscription is included with membership,
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 Lynette R. F. Cowper, Editor

Lynette R. F. Cowper

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