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Circle of Janus Science Fiction Club of Indiana
 The Circular of Janus
 May 2016
 Volume 37, Issue 5

   Summary of the April Club Meeting, pp. 1-2
   New Books – from Locus, p. 2
   Mark Your Calendars, pp. 3-5
   May Meeting Agenda, p. 6
   Meeting Info & Club Officers, p. 6


Summary of the April Club Meeting
 by Lynette Cowper

   The club met on April 9 at Valley Mills Christian Church. All officers
except 2017 ConChair Joe Greene were present. There were about 30-ish
people present. We had no new guests.

   The March meeting minutes were approved as published. We got a
Treasurer's Report covering accounts and the progress of the
reincorporation, then moved to convention reports. For 2016, Laura
reported she is working on the final layout, we have 3 local groups
interested in presenting themselves at the con, and she is still
pursuing sponsors. The Who's Yer Con's super-table went well with
almost all CoJ people staffing it. There are new postcards (If you drop
them off someplace, email fliers at inconjunction dot org with that
info). The licensing agreement with Make-A-Wish is all worked out. She
was looking for Marcon attendees to promote InCon. Joe was absent, so
we didn't have a report for 2017. For 2018, Beckie has no new news.

   Andy reported on the March Board meeting, which is summarized in the
April Circular. In committees, the Audit Committee is hoping to meet
later in April;  Beckie with Member Services has sent out a bunch of
cards and will be sending more; Outreach was was waiting on a response
from Indy Pride, which is June 11; Laura was hoping to get to the
storage unit soon with the Quartermaster; there was nothing new from
Archivist or Webmaster.

   In Old Business, the silent auction as a club fundraisers will be after
the club meeting in June; Jeremy Murray has the Member Cards, which may
get members discounts at various businesses (such as Computer
Evolutions), so folks should ask; there were printed copies of the
Bylaws available for anyone who wanted them, as well as being available
online, look them over for any issues; and reincorporation was
adequately addressed in the Treasurer's Report.

   In New Business, we looked at club activities. For April Non-Meetings,
we had the Naptown Roller Girls on April 16 and a possible outing to
Centerbrook Drive-In. The May Post-Meeting will be Kat's gaming party
and pitch-in, with bonus adult coloring. The club will provide drinks
and paper products. Bring food, games, and coloring supplies! There was
nothing suggested for a May non-meeting. The June post-meeting will be
the silent auction.

   In Announcements, Ricky reminded everyone to vote! Chris A is doing a
fundraiser for his arcade to update and replace equipment. Go to
https://www.gofundme.com/x6m2f2jg to support Chris & Sam's Mobile Con
Arcade. Ron is doing a talk on April 23 at the library in Waverly. Kat
R's nephew, Patrick Feeney, won gold at the world indoor track meet,
and might end up on the US Olympic team. Lynette mentioned the
Indianapolis Public Library and Morgan County Public Library both have
adult coloring days. Check out their event calendars. Wendy announced
that April 30 is Independent Bookstore Day (Among the free books is one
by Neil Gaiman) and April 16 is Record Store Day. Kat said IMA movie
nights have some good ones coming up. Aug 26, Princess Bride; July 29,
Close Encounters; July 8, Iron Giant. John said Indy Magic Monthly
comes out the first Tuesday of every month. Lynette & Mike announced
Looney Labs is doing a Kickstarter.

   And that was it for April!


New Books
 From locusmag.com

May 2016
   Ashby, Madeline • Company Town • (Tor, hc)
   Asher, Neal • War Factory • (Skyhorse/Night Shade Books, hc)
   Brooks, Terry • The Sorcerer's Daughter • (Ballantine Del Rey, hc)
   Bujold, Lois Mcmaster • Penric's Demon • (Subterranean Press, nva, hc)
   Coe, David B. • Shadow's Blade • (Baen, hc)
   DeLillo, Don • Zero K • (Simon & Schuster/Scribner, hc)
   + Esslemont, Ian C. • Dancer's Lament • (Tor, hc)
   Gaiman, Neil • The View from the Cheap Seats • (HarperCollins/Morrow,
nf, hc)
   + Guran, Paula, ed. • The Mammoth Book of Cthulhu • (Running Press,
anth, tpb)
   Hardinge, Frances • The Lie Tree • (Abrams/Amulet, nvl-ya, hc)
   Harris, Charlaine • Night Shift • (Ace, hc)
   Hill, Joe • The Fireman • (HarperCollins/Morrow, hc)
   Howard, Kat • Roses and Rot • (Simon & Schuster/Saga Press, nvl-ya, hc)
   Hurley, Kameron • The Geek Feminist Revolution • (Tor, nf, hc)
   Itäranta, Emmi • The Weaver • (Harper Voyager US, tpb)
   Jones, Stephen Graham • Mongrels • (HarperCollins/Morrow, hc)
   Kay, Guy Gavriel • Children of Earth and Sky • (Penguin/NAL, hc)
   Kearney, Paul • The Wolf in the Attic • (Rebellion/Solaris US, tpb)
   Lackey, Mercedes, ed. • Nebula Awards Showcase 2016 • (Prometheus/Pyr,
anth, tpb)
   Lockwood, Todd • The Summer Dragon • (DAW, hc)
   McCammon, Robert • Freedom of the Mask • (Subterranean Press, hc)
   McGuire, Seanan • Velveteen vs. The Seasons • (ISFiC Press, cln, hc)
   McKillip, Patricia A. • Dreams of Distant Shores • (Tachyon
Publications, cln, tpb)
   North, Claire • The Sudden Appearance of Hope • (Orbit US/Redhook, hc)
   Novik, Naomi • League of Dragons • (Ballantine Del Rey, hc)
   Oates, Joyce Carol • The Doll-Master and Other Tales of Horror
•(Grove/Atlantic/Mysterious, cln, hc)
   Palmer, Ada • Too Like the Lightning • (Tor, hc)
   Strahan, Jonathan, ed. • The Best Science Fiction & Fantasy of the Year
Volume Ten • (Rebellion/Solaris US, anth, tpb)
   Tidhar, Lavie • Central Station • (Tachyon Publications, tpb)
   Turtledove, Harry • The House of Daniel • (Tor, hc)
   Wilde, Fran • The Jewel and Her Lapidary • (Tor.com, nva, tpb)

June 2016
   Aaronovitch, Ben • The Hanging Tree • (DAW)
   Afsharirad, David, ed. • The Year's Best Military & Adventure SF 2015 •
(Baen, anth, tpb)
   Arnason, Eleanor • Hwarhath Stories: Twelve Transgressive Tales by
Aliens •(Aqueduct Press, cln, tpb)
   Baxter, Stephen, & Alastair Reynolds • The Medusa Chronicles • (Simon &
Schuster/Saga Press, hc)
   Bishop, Michael, & Orion Zangara • Joel-Brock the Brave and the
Valorous Smalls • (Fairwood Press/Kudzu Planet Productions, nvl-ya, hc)
   Charlton, Blake • Spellbreaker • (Tor, hc)
   Clarke, Neil, ed. • The Best Science Fiction of the Year, Volume One
•(Skyhorse/Night Shade Books, anth, tpb)
   Coles, Bennett R. • Ghosts of War • (Titan US, tpb)
   Cooper, Brenda • Spear of Light • (Prometheus/Pyr, tpb)
   Corey, James S. A. • Babylon's Ashes • (Orbit US, hc)
   Cushman, Karen • Grayling's Song • (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt/Clarion,
nvl-ya, hc)
   Datlow, Ellen, ed. • The Best Horror of the Year, Volume Eight •
(Skyhorse/Night Shade Books, anth, tpb)
   Dozois, Gardner, ed. • Mash Up • (Titan US, anth, tpb)
   Drake, David • Death's Bright Day • (Baen, hc)
   Grant, Mira • Rise: A Newsflesh Collection • (Orbit US, cln, hc)
   Hairston, Andrea • Will Do Magic for Small Change • (Aqueduct Press, tpb)
   Horton, Rich, ed. • The Year's Best Science Fiction & Fantasy: 2016
Edition •(Prime Books, anth, tpb)
   Kadrey, Richard • The Perdition Score • (Harper Voyager US, hc)
   King, Stephen • End of Watch • (Simon & Schuster/Scribner, hc)
   Lackey, Mercedes • A Study in Sable • (DAW, hc)
   Lawrence, Mark • The Wheel of Osheim • (Ace, hc)
   Lee, Sharon, & Steve Miller • Alliance of Equals • (Baen, hc)
   Lee, Yoon Ha • Ninefox Gambit • (Rebellion/Solaris US, tpb)
   Niven, Larry • The Seascape Tattoo • (Tor, hc)
   Powers, Tim • Down and Out in Purgatory • (Subterranean Press, hc)
   Pratchett, Terry, & Stephen Baxter • The Long Cosmos • (Harper, hc)
   Rakunas, Adam • Like a Boss • (Angry Robot US)
   Reynolds, Alastair • The Best of Alastair Reynolds • (Subterranean
Press, cln, hc)
   Sanderson, Brandon • The Dark Talent • (Tor/Starscape, nvl-ya, hc)
   Stross, Charles • The Nightmare Stacks • (Ace, hc)
   Valentine, Genevieve • Icon • (Simon & Schuster/Saga Press, hc)
   Wallace, Matt • Pride's Spell • (Tor. com, tpb)
   Wright, John C. • Mechanical Failure • (Simon & Schuster/Saga Press, hc)


Mark Your Calendars

May 2016

   Mythic Indy Author Reading: Local authors Hugh Vandivier, Clint Smith,
Maggie Wheeler, and Austin Wilson will share tales of adventures set in
downtown Indianapolis. The authors were contributors to Mythic Indy, an
anthology of weird stories and legends set in various Indianapolis
locations that benefits the programs of Second Story.
   Sunday, May 22, 2016, 3:00-4:30 PM; IPL Central Library

   5-8: Frolicon - Atlanta, GA

   6: Whoosier Network Mtg - LifeJourney Church
   6: Captain America: Civil War
   6-7: Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower - Look, up in the sky!
   6-8: Anime Fan Fest - Somerset, NJ
   6-8: AniMinneapolis - Minneapolis, MN
   6-8: Marcon – Columbus, OH
   6-8: Wizard World - Minneapolis, MN
   6-9: Costume-Con - Madison, WI

   7: CoJ Meeting - VMCC
   7: Mark Waid, Gail Simone signing - Aw Yeah Comics, Muncie
   7-8: Hudson Valley Comic Con - Poughkeepsie, NY
   7-8: Lumberton Comic Book and Toy Show - Lumberton, NC
   7-8: Ratha Con - Athens, OH

   8: IAC Meeting - Glendale Branch Library
   8: Gail Simone & John Tyler Christopher signing, 12:30pm - Downtown
Comics, 5767 East 86th Street

   9: Rare Transit of Mercury Across the Sun

   11: Barry Childs-Helton's birthday
   11-13: PHD Speed Gaming – Somerset, NJ

   12-15: Nebula Awards Weekend - Chicago, IL

   13: The Darkness
   13: The Lobster
   13: What We Become
   13-15: Anime St. Louis - St. Charles, MO
   13-15: Corflu ("Chiflu") - Chicago, IL
   13-15: Motor City Comic Con - Novi, MI
   13-15: Outlantacon - Atlanta, GA
   13-15: Steampunk World's Fair - Piscataway, NJ

   14: Deb Hunt's birthday
   14: Bob Richey's birthday
   14: Who's Yer Gamers Election Meeting – Wyndham West
   14: LOSSI astronomy presentation - Mooresville Public Library
   14-15: MSP ComicCON - Saint Paul, MN

   17: Kat Robertson's birthday

   18: Mike Wickliff's birthday

   19: Cheryl Miller Andrews's birthday
   19: Debbie Happli's birthday

   20-22: Anime Central - Rosemont, IL
   20-22: Nauticon - Provincetown, MA
   20-22: Planet Comicon, Kansas City- Kansas City, MO
   20-22: XCON World - Myrtle Beach, SC
   20-22: Yoi-Con - Columbus, OH

   21: CoJ Board Meeting - VMCC
   21: South Bend Comic Book Con - South Bend, IN
   21-22: Tidewater Comicon - Virginia Beach, VA
   21-22: 3 Rivers Comicon - West Mifflin, PA

   22: Mars at Opposition

   25: Steve Horton signing - Aw Yeah Comics, Muncie

   26-29: MomoCon - Atlanta, GA
   26-29: NashCon - Franklin, TN
   26-29: Norfolk Anime Explosion - Norfolk, VA

   27: Lynn Ciurej's birthday
   27: Stephanie Hardcastle's birthday
   27: X-Men: Apocalypse
   27: Alice Through the Looking Glass
   27-29: Animazement - Raleigh, NC
   27-29: Anime North - Toronto, ON
   27-29: ConQuesT - Kansas City, MO
   27-29: Mobicon - Mobile, AL
   27-29: TimeGate - Atlanta, GA
   27-29: Vandalia-Con - Parkersburg, WV
   27-30: Balticon - Baltimore, MD
   27-30: MediaWest*Con - Lansing, MI
   27-30: Nexus Game Fair – Milwaukee, WI
   27-30: WisCon - Madison, WI

   28: Nathan Terhune's birthday
   28: IAS General Meeting - Link Observatory
   28-29: Walker Stalker Con - Chicago, IL

   31: Katt McConnell's birthday

June 2016

   2: Laura Terhune's birthday
   2-5: Colossalcon - Sandusky, OH
   2-5: Wizard World - Philadelphia, PA

   3: Andy Andrews's birthday
   3: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows
   3: Whoosier Network Mtg - LifeJourney Church
   3: Saturn at Opposition - Look, up in the sky!
   3-5: 2D Con - Bloomington, MN
   3-5: Arch Anime - Collinsville, IL
   3-5: Awesome Con D.C. - Washington, DC
   3-5: ConCarolinas - Concord, NC
   3-5: Wonderfest - Louisville, KY

   4: CoJ Meeting - VMCC
   4: Michelle Head Rhiannon's birthday

   5: Mercury at Greatest Western Elongation - Look, up in the sky!
   5: Ash Comic Book Show - Caribbean Cove Hotel & Conf Ctr

   8-14: ShowMeCon - St. Louis, MO

   10: Chuck Budreau's birthday
   10: The Conjuring 2
   10: Warcraft
   10-12: AnimeNEXT - Atlantic City, NJ
   10-12: Omg!Con – Owensboro, Ky
   10-12: Sausomecon - Kansas City, MO
   10-12: SciFi Summer Con - Atlanta, GA
   10-12: Sci-Fi Valley Con - Altoona, PA
   10-12: YetiCon - The Blue Mountains, ON

   11: Indy Pride - American Legion Mall

   12: CoJ Board Meeting - Marriott, 12-4 (This is a Sunday)
   12: IAC Meeting - Glendale Branch Library
   12: Tessa Greene's birthday
   12: David Lee Pancake's birthday

   13-14: ShowMeCon - St. Louis, MO

   15-19: Origins Game Fair - Columbus, OH

   17: Clown
   17-19: 4th Street Fantasy Con - Minneapolis, MN
   17-19: Anime Mid-Atlantic - Chesapeake, VA
   17-19: Contamination - St. Louis, MO
   17-19: Hamacon - Huntsville, AL
   17-19: HeroesCon - Charlotte, NC
   17-19: Hypericon - Nashville, TN
   17-19: Indy PopCon - Indiana Convention Center
   17-19: Trekonderoga - Ticonderoga, NY

   18: Greg Dunn's birthday
   18: Riley McConnell's birthday
   18-19: Ann Arbor Comic Arts Festival - Ann Arbor, MI
   18-19: Brickworld – Schaumburg, IL

   19: Katherine L. Locke's birthday
   19: Kevin Spencer's birthday
   19: Mike Suess's birthday

   23: Tom Smith's birthday

   24: Roxy Dragus's birthday
   24: Independence Day: Resurgence
   24-26: Days of the Dead - Wyndham Indianapolis West
   24-26: Fanboy Expo - Knoxville, TN
   24-26: JAFAX - Grand Rapids, MI
   24-26: Locus Awards Weekend - Seattle WA
   24-26: Soonercon - Midwest City, OK

   25: IAS General Meeting - Link Observatory
   25-26: Con Kasterborous - Huntsville, AL
   25-26: Walker Stalker Con - Charlotte, NC

   26: Kevin Harris's birthday
   26-27: Derby City Comic Con - Louisville, KY

   27: Reed Hartman's birthday

   30: Ian Albers's birthday
   30: Doug Rollison's birthday
   30-7/3: CONvergence - Bloomington, MN

July 2016

   1: The BFG
   1: The Purge: Election Year
   1-3: InConJunction - Indianapolis, IN
   1-3: Anime Blues Con - Memphis, TN
   1-3: Counterpoint - Baltimore, MD
   1-3: Escape Velocity - Washington, DC
   1-3: NEFilk (Conterpoint) - Timonium, MD

   2: Ellen Schuck Patterson's birthday
   2-3: Heroes & Villains Fan Fest - Secaucus, NJ

   4: Juno at Jupiter - NASA

   6: Dillan Dick's birthday

   7-10: ConnectiCon - Hartford, CT
   7-10: Readercon - Burlington, MA

   8-10: Anime Festival Wichita - Wichita, KS
   8-10: Anime Midwest - Rosemont, IL
   8-10: BronyCon - Baltimore, MD
   8-10: Ikasucon - Grand Wayne Convention Center
   8-10: LibertyCon - Chattanooga, TN

   9-10: Garden State Comic Fest - Morristown, NJ
   9-10: ValhallaCon - Columbia, SC

   10: Kristin Looney's birthday
   10: IAC Meeting - email tatsuhoshi dot akira at gmail dot com for location

   11: Beckie Margedant's birthday

   13-16: North American Jules Verne Society AGM - Philadelphia, PA

   15: Ghostbusters
   15: Phantom Boy
   15-17: Congregate - High Point, NC
   15-17: G-Fest - Rosemont, IL
   15-17: Greenville Comic Con - Greenville, SC
   15-17: Hoshicon - Charlotte, NC
   15-17: Shore Leave - Hunt Valley, MD
   15-17: TFcon Toronto - Mississauga, Ontario

   16: Pavla Liska's birthday
   16-17: Glass City Con - Toledo, OH

   21: Sylvia Dick's birthday
   21-24: PulpFest - Columbus, OH

   22: Stephen Kendall's birthday
   22: Ice Age: Collision Course
   22: Lights Out
   22: Star Trek Beyond
   22-24: KitsuneKon - Green Bay, WI
   22-24: NatsuCon - Collinsville, IL

   23: CoJ Board Meeting - VMCC
   23: Ron Hawkins's birthday
   23: Ricky Lile's birthday
   23-24: Ultimate Comic Book Trade Show and Expo - Poughkeepsie, NY

   25: Amanda Erwin's birthday
   25: Kathie Thompson's birthday

   28-29: Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower - Look, up in the sky!

   29-31: ConBravo! - Hamilton, Ontario
   29-31: Confluence - Pittsburgh, PA
   29-31: Diversicon - Saint Paul, MN
   29-31: Louisville Anime Weekend - Louisville, KY
   29-31: Tatsu-Con - Buffalo, NY
   29-31: Wizard World - Columbus - Columbus, OH

   30-31: Fantasy Gamer's Conclave – Cary, NC
   30-31: Rob-Con - Bristol, TN
   30-31: StarQuest - Frederick, MD
   30-31: Walker Stalker Con - Boston - Boston, MA

   31: Kim Huff's birthday

   Fantastic Worlds: Science and Fiction, 1780-1910 is the first
exhibition to debut in the newly renovated Smithsonian Libraries
Exhibition Gallery in the National Museum of American History. Travel
with us to the surface of the moon, the center of the earth, and the
depths of the ocean – to the fantastic worlds of fiction inspired by
19th century discovery and invention.
   Smithsonian National Museum of American History, Washington DC, through
February 26, 2017


May Meeting Agenda

 The Circle of Janus
 May 9, 2016

 Opening of Meeting (7:00pm)
    Introduction of guests & member attendance
    April meeting minutes
    Treasurer's Report
    Convention Report, InConJunction 36
    Convention Report, InConJunction 37
    Convention Report, InConJunction 38
    Board Report
       May 21 meeting
    Committee Reports, if needed
       Audit Committee
       Member Services Report
       Outreach Coordinator
    Other Communications
 Old Business
    Club Funds
    Member Cards
    Bylaws Changes
 New Business
       May Non-meeting
       June Post-Meeting
          Silent auction fundraiser
       June Non-meeting
       July Non-Meeting
 Close of meeting – Chaos


Have something for the newsletter? We welcome announcements, news items,
reviews, and artwork. Email it to circularfile at circleofjanus dot org by
the Thursday before the last Saturday of the month for inclusion.

Meeting Info
   The next meeting of the Circle of Janus is on Saturday, May 7, 2016, at
Valley Mills Christian Church, 5555 Kentucky Avenue, Indianapolis, IN,
starting at 7:00 pm. There is a Convention Committee meeting preceding
it at 5:30 pm. Our after-meeting activity will be Kat's gaming,
coloring, and pitch-in party. Bring food, games, coloring pages, and
coloring supplies!

   Board Chairman – Andy Andrews
   President – Melissa Kocias
   Vice-President – Jeremy Hanna
   Secretary – Lynette Cowper
   Treasurer – Jeremy Murray
   Sergeant at Arms – Ricky Lile
   InConJunction 36 ConChair – Laura Edwards
   InConJunction 37 ConChair – Joe Greene
   InConJunction 38 ConChair – Beckie Margedant

The Circular of Janus is a publication of the Circle of Janus Science
Fiction Club of Central Indiana. Subscription is included with membership,
$15.00/year. For information write to Circle of Janus, P.O. Box 68514,
Indianapolis, IN 46268-0514.
 Lynette R. F. Cowper, Editor

Lynette R. F. Cowper

"I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us
with senses, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use and
by some other means to give us knowledge which we can attain by them." --

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